How We Are Paid

How our financial advisers are paid

On receiving your enquiry/referral, we invite you to come to our offices (or if this is not possible, we will visit you at your place of work or home) for a preliminary meeting.

Adviser Charging-First Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is firstly to establish whether we are able to assist with your needs and help you meet your objectives. We will also discuss how we will be paid for our counsel and services once you have instructed us to proceed. There is no charge for this preliminary meeting, and no obligation on either side. Please note that we do not automatically act for anyone who wants us to.

Adviser Charging-Our Fees

We can work on a fee basis, either at our standard hourly rate or for a fixed fee for an agreed plan of work. At all times, we will ensure that you are fully aware of any costs involved, before a commitment is made. Fees may attract an additional VAT charge, but do not presently.Our fees are typically collected via our clients' Wrap Accounts.

Our Ongoing Review fee is a maximum of 1% p.a. with a reducing fee scale for larger portfolios invested or transferred to us.This means for example, that if you want us to advise upon and manage a Pension/Investment fund of ,say, £250,000, then we will charge you a maximum of £2,500 p.a. to do so.This fee also entitles you to our ongoing "Review & Planning Meetings", 24/7 access to ASPL Wrap, access to a Director, and our ongoing Valuation and Administration Service.

Alternatively/additionally there may be an upfront Strategy fee for investment, depending upon what you want us to do for you (e.g.this fee is £ 0 for any NISAs that you want to transfer).

Adviser Charging-Commission

Commission payments for new investment business ceased from 31st December 2012, as part of the Financial Services Authority's "Retail Distribution Review".(Regulation has since passed to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)).

In some other cases, commissions can be paid (e.g. Protection business, such as Life cover).This sort of business represents less than 3% of our business (@ 30.6.14)

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